Birds of a Feather - The Rosenbergs

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notice this song on one of the Castle series episode. The lyrics is very catchy..nice!!

I can't be anything w/o you. don't ya know it's a shame
I'm sitting at my desk and it's noontime and i want just to call you.

Cuz we go together just like jam and bread or maybe birds of a feather.
I don't know anything about you. don't ya know? that's the game.

I'm sitting on my bed and i wonder what will it take for u to call me?

We go together...
Hey can u hear me? when i shout out loud i wish that you could be near me.

I don' care if the bills are paid as long as she is with me. i don't care if my soul is saved as long as she forgives me. i don't care if the moon is wrong wishin and a hoping. i don't need to be an astronaut as long as you are k-k-kissing me.

Rept. chorus.

I can't be anything