E - Cigarette

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on November 4, 2010

Wow, I just knew about this thing right now, maybe because I wasn't a smoker but this thing is kinda cool.

As we know, the actual cigarette contains so many dangerous things like the picture below:

and here's the comparison between electronic cigaratte and the real one:

And here's how the E-cigarette works:
[1.] Apabila mikro-prosesor mengesan pengaliran udara (apabila ia disedut), Atomizer dihidupkan (on).
[2.] Atomizer mencampurkan udara + nikotin cecair menghasilkan wap / wasap yang disedut dan dihembus keluar.
[3.] Lampu LED menyala ketika disedut memberi simulasi api rokok. Punca tenaga semua proses ini adalah dari bateri.
plus this thing didnt even emits dangerous smoke that affect other people which makes it safe to be used in public places and its comes with many flavors. And of course the price is kinda high too. 

This thing will be a good substitute for those who really addicted to smoking. Even though the price is kinda high and the taste didn't as 'kicking' as the real cigarette I presume, but would you rather having a cancer and die early? take a moment and think about that..

p/s: this cigarette is specially design for those who are really addicted to smoking and those who never smoked before, don't try out these things and keep on your healthy lifestyle