I have to admit..this is totally cool!!

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The new Perodua Bezza..

right? isn't she's beauty? Now I'm having doubt about my future car plans, cause this car design is soo cool!! I didn't know much about it spec, I'm not really a car-person (not yet, still learning), but I have to say, I'm impressed with Perodua for being able to come out with such design. Keep it up guys!! Who knows maybe it will be use in the next James Bond movies..haha.


copy-cat toyota prius
just like proton with it's lovers (mitsu & lotus)

perodua just did the same thing: copy & paste the design from toyota and a little bit of daihatsu

lebih kurg la, tp ni lg smart do..

waw.. cool. tpi yg ni pakai petrol ke ? mcm pelik saje