TV Series I've watched so far..

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this is a bunch of series i've watched so far, some already ended, some cancelled and some still on-going. Really disappoint with the cancelled series. The storyline juz getting better n they simply cancelled it, damn it!! Prison break is the most breathtaking series i've watched so far and also the harper's island because of all the psychopath killing going on over there. Lost, Fringe and Flashforward has a great storyline of mystery which i couldnt from watchin them. Chuck is one of my favourites cause its funny and interesting to watch them solved the world crisis. Also the same goes with House as they solve medical mystery in 'sherlock holmes' style. Supernatural also one of my all-time favourite series bcause of all the hunting demons, ghosts stuff but the storyline rite now got a lil bit down. i think they should just finish the series already la. Smallville is about how clark kent bcome a superman which kinda interesting for me to see why he'll chose a costume that wear underwear outside rather thn inside..haha, and its the longest series i've ever watched so far, 9 fucking season!! and of coz scrubs is also 9 season but i've only watched the 1st season so far..haha. dexter n scrubs not so much to tell since i've only watch several episode only, scrubs is about a life of doctor in hospital while dexter is a psychopath killer who'd love blood n only kill the bad person n also work as blood forensics in miami PD. Last but not least the legend of seeker. i felt kinda proud coz im the one who'd discover this series until many of my fren seems to like the series too, its basically about a young man, richard cipher, who'd become a seeker to fight the evil alongside with great wizard zed n mother confessor kahlan n also an ex-mord sith, kara. one of the reason im watchin this series is cause the storyline quite interesting and of coz, the girls is HOT!! updates, juz watchin leverage rite now n its quite awesome. kinda the same with ocean's series but they not stealing a casino, they stealing from bad people. more like modern robin hood to me.

  1. Lost - Season 6 (returns 3rd February 2010)
  2. Chuck - Season 3 (returns 11th January 2010)
  3. Fringe - Season 2 cont. (returns 12th January 2010)
  4. FlashForward - Season 1 cont. (returns 5th March 2010)
  5. Supernatural - Season 5 cont (returns 22nd January 2010) 
  6. House - Season 6 (on air)
  7. Heroes - Season 4 (on air)
  8. Legend of Seeker - Season 2 cont. (returns 10th January 2010)
  9. Scrubs - Season 9 (on air)
  10. Smallville - Season 9 (on air)
  11. Dexter - Season 5 (not mentioned)
  12. Leverage - Season 2 (14th January 2010)
  1. Prison Break - 4 season
  2. Harper's Island - 1 season
  1. Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
  2. Kyle XY
  3. Reaper

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